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      Medical Compression Stockings & Socks:

      These garments offer peak compression strength of 20 - 30 mm Hg, 30-40 mmHg or more and require a medical prescription in order for extended health insurance to reimburse you for your investment. It is especially important that your feet and legs be measured prior to ordering. This helps ensure that you order the correct size and product and ensures maximum therapeutic benefits. The more comfortable you are, the greater your compliance will be in wearing them.

      Medical-grade garments are designed to offer symptomatic relief and higher grades offer a moderate amount of support. 

      Examples of when they are appropriate and typically ordered is for people with varicose veins, moderate-severe circulatory conditions, for people who travel long distances, during pregnancy.

      Higher prescriptions ( 30-40 mm Hg/>) offer moderate to strong compession support. They are only used in medically necessary cases and that involves continuing care by a nurse or physiotherapist that specializes in this field.

      Support (Over-the-Counter) Compression Stockings & Socks:

      These types exert considerably less compression (20 mmHg or lower) than medical-grade compression stockings and socks.

      The compression is uniform, rather than graded or decreasing as the garment travel up the leg.

      Over-the-counter compression stockings and socks do NOT need to meet the strict medical and technical specifications as those of medical-grade compression garments.

      These are the less expensive brands that you can purchase online at Amazon, Walmart or in-store at a local drugstore.

      These lower grades do not require specific leg measurements, nor a medical prescription and provide mild amounts of pressure.

      Examples include flight socks, socks that do not have an elastic border that digs in and elastic support hosiery.

      Support Stockings/Socks are designed for:

      • Symptomatic relief such as to help relieve tired, achy fatigued legs
      • To reduce minor ankle and leg swelling related to varicose veins
      • To prevent leg embolisms while to be worn while traveling long distances in a plane or car.

      Both medical compression stockings/socks and support compression stockings/socks are available in multiple lengths, such as ankle, crew, mid-calf, knees high, thigh highs and pantyhose.

      Are compression socks covered by my Extended Health Insurance?

      Medical compression garments are usually covered by Extended Health Insurance if they provide compression of greater than 20 mm Hg. They require a medical prescription by a medical doctor for reimbursement.

      It is your responsibility to call your insurance company prior to ordering online to find out if and what amount your are covered for each year.

      Over-the-counter support compression wear is NOT covered by Extended Health Insurance.