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      How to Measure for Compression Hosiery:

      • use a flexible measuring tape (which should fit snugly)
      • first morning measurements are best 
      • take measurements on both legs
      • measure on bare legs in a standing or upright position
      • write down all measurements including your shoe size, weight and height
      • get help as needed

      Watch this Instructional Video.

      The Benefits of Taking Up to Date Measurements:

      When it comes to the compression socks and stockings industry, there is no one universal or standardized sizing in how products are constructed.

      • Each manufacturer develops its own measuring chart.  It is important to look at the sizing charts on each page to determine the correct size to order for that brand. 
      • Avoid wasting your time and money on choosing products that will not fit and function properly. Getting the right size and products PRIOR to ordering is the way to go. Please note our return policy.
      • We are here to help. Call us at (647) 444-4909 or email if you are not sure what size to order and if you have any questions .

      When you are fitted properly, you will enjoy the benefits of wearing your socks and stockings daily and you will want to wear them regularly.

      Most frustrations with compression socks and hosiery are preventable if you take proper measurements, choose the correct size and learn tricks for putting them on and taking them off.