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      is an online store.

      Once you place your order, it is possible to request a local pick up rather than having your products shipped. Pick-ups are arranged by appointment only.

      As are not a brick-and-mortar store, we are NOT open to the public and do not permit customer walk-ins.

      We are available to answer your questions about products and sizing. You can email us at:


      OUR FOUNDER:  

      I'm Dr. Leslie Horowitz, the founder of  One Stop Compression Sox and Toronto Orthotics Foot, Leg & Back Pain Clinic. After graduating as a Chiropractor in 1992, I have spent years helping people with foot, leg and spinal pain.

      Plantar Fasciitis, bunions and other causes of foot pain can be debilitating and rob us of our quality of life. In my quest to help as many people as possible, I decided to make our compression stockings and socks available to purchase online at

      As a child, I had foot and leg pain. Finding the right shoes was tough. During my pregnancies, compression stockings were immensely helpful.  If I did not wear compression stockings one day, my legs felt like I had been standing for 10 hours only after just 2 hours. When I wore my compression stockings, I could stand a full 8 hours before my legs were tired. I continue to benefit from them to this day.

      Investing in good-quality compression stockings and socks is worth it! However, there does not exist a single uniform sizing standard, so each production company has it's own sizing charts. 

      I became certified to fit people for medical compression stockings and socks and am familiar with sizing charts from various producers.

      In order to gain the maximum benefit and comfort from wearing compression stockings and socks, it is crucial for your legs to be measured properly. No one wants to purchase a product they cannot use.


      We exist to keep people comfortable on their feet and active, year after year.

      We sell compression socks, hosiery and garments to people who are on their feet many hours a day, have varicose veins/other vascular difficulties, are pregnant and to athletes.

      Compression socks enhance energy, performance and reduce lower limb tiredness, while maximizing function.

      We are passionate about empowering people to make healthy choices in caring for their feet, legs and spine, by offering clarity, education and high-quality compression stockings and socks. 


      • Honesty
      • Integrity
      • Helpfulness
      • Non-stop growth and learning to serve our patients and customers
      • Resourcefulness
      • Communication
      • Respect
      • Helping to keep people pain-free and active