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      ACHI+ Funky Compression Socks

      Express your personality with the ACHI+ collection! ACHI+ is a designer brand of funky, medical-grade compression socks that offer 20-30 mmHg of compression. Certified to offer this level of compression and recognized and licensed with Health Canada.

      Your feet and legs need to be measured by a certified compression sock fitter since they require a custom fit. * This ensures that you will wear and benefit from your investment since they will be comfortable and therapeutic.

       ACHI+ compression socks are great for:

      • Relief for Tired, Achy/Swollen legs.
      • Varicose Veins or Spider Veins
      • Swelling in Feet and Legs (moderate)
      • Post-Sclerotherapy Treatment
      • People who stand or sit for many hours a day
      • Long-Distance Travel
      • Athletes
      • Pregnancy


      This grade of compression socks needs to be prescribed by a medical doctor and are often covered by Extended Health Insurance. If you have coverage, you can call your company or check your insurance policy to determine if you are covered for compression garments and if so, the amount or the numbers of pairs covered per year.

      * Please contact us to arrange for a free fitting appointment.


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